Travel Butler

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Easy Travel Preparation

Sit back and let Travel Butler do the work!

What to pack

Travel Butler checks the weather forecast at your destination and automatically generates a packing list. You can optionally select whether you're traveling on business or vacation and Travel Butler will refine the packing recommendations.

Where to eat

Arrived at your destination? Don't stay hungry, Travel Butler already searched for interesting spots in the area! Based on Foursquare's data, you will receive recommendations for trending restaurants, bars and cafés.

What to see

No time for a travel guide? Don't worry, Travel Butler also prepared you a selection of interesting cultural places for your daily dose of sightseeing. Dive in and discover local art, events and historic landmarks!


Discover trending restaurants, bars & cafés.

All your next trip needs

Making travel preparations a breeze since 2014.

Upcoming Trips

Store all your future vacation and business travel plans to stay organized.

Customizable Packing Logic

Have something you always pack? Add it to your default packing items and Travel Butler adds it to every packing list.

Trip History

See where you went with your travel history where you have all your trips in one place.

Forecast Reminder

If you want, Travel Butlers refreshes the weather forecast right before the trip, so you have the latest weather data.

Foursquare Integration

Want to discover popular places? Travel Butler is integrated with Foursquare and pulls trending places for you.

More coming soon!

Stay updated about new features that make your next trip even more fun.

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